The most important hormone for men is testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that’s responsible for supporting thyroid and endocrine function, stimulating reproductive growth and enhancing sperm production in adults. Maintaining proper testosterone levels will enhance libido, increase fat loss, increase muscle mass and improve cognitive functioning. Creating a well-balanced endocrine system creates balance throughout the mind and body. Testosterone fights off depression and even combats bone deterioration. When puberty hits, this vital hormone leads to voice deepening, increased hair growth and penis enlargement. The endocrine system is responsible for the body’s overall functioning and aging process. This means that the Five Rites will affect the functioning of all your organs and systems, including the physical and energetic systems and that includes the aging process.

Low testosterone levels are becoming more prevalent in modern Western society as many of our foods and environments interfere with hormonal production and function. When there’s an imbalance you can experience, weight gain, memory loss, poor sexual performance, disturbed sleeping patterns, and other cognitive issues Mainly driven by these external factors one can take control of one of the most vital processes for peak performance.

Here are a few ways to naturally boost your testosterone:

  • Exercise Right
    • All forms of exercises can help you elevate the levels of testosterone. Resistance training is especially beneficial in both long term and short term. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is yet another way to help boost testosterone.
  • Sunlight Exposure & Vitamin D
    • Vitamin D (sunlight vitamin) deficiency is an epidemic in today’s time. And to your surprise, it not only degenerates your bone health, but also lowers the sperm count and quality. However, balanced vitamin D levels boost libido. Options include daily walks outside – generally at least 15 minutes – or upping intake of foods rich in Vitamin D3. Supplement with Vit-D supplements are yet another option.
  • It Is All In Your Head! 
    • Stress is a major culprit in lowering testosterone levels. Stress impairs testosterone production and function. Practice deep breathing and designate times throughout the day to close your eyes and breathe, if not for only 1 minute.
  • Don’t Compromise On Sleep
    • On-the-go lifestyles usually make finding regular sleep a challenge, but sleep quality is a major contributor to maximize your testosterone levels. Sleep needs will vary from person to person but a good night sleep is as important as eating right or exercising, and arguably more so. Inadequate sleep such as just 4-5 hours can actually reduce the testosterone levels by 15%.
  • Up your Zinc 
    • Zinc deficiencies have been linked to drops in testosterone levels. Zinc is easily found in foods such as beans, yogurt, kefir, raw cheese or milk, spinach, oysters, meat and fish. 40mg a day on average is sufficient to see improvement.
  • Testosterone Supplement
    • If you’re going this route, there’s only one booster to buy our friends. Sapien formulated a holistic blend made up of herbs from around the globe known for boosting testosterone levels. Shilajit, ashwagandha, fenugreek extracts, shatavari, zinc citrate and others are used to create our potent herbal cocktail. See our glossary page for learn more about each ingredient.


Keep updated with our blog as we dip deeper into all the above and other areas. Man on.

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