Urban Pollution

09 Apr 2018

Urban air quality has been deteriorating for some time but in recent years the pace to disaster has risen. Poor air quality is the difference between breathing comfortably and a simple flu turning into bronchitis or pneumonia. This is growing into a global crisis that's a heavily complicated geopolitical issue.

What’s in your stomach?

06 Apr 2018

To some terms like probiotics, gut bacteria and lactobacillus are nothing new. To some, it’s a whole new world. Either way, the category is now littered with drinks and supplements so we wanted to do a back-to-basics overview and get everyone up to speed. Better digestion, fast metabolism? The gut microbiome is are pretty instrumental in how are lives are lived.

A New Look on Breathing.

28 Mar 2018

Taken for granted. Breathing is grossly undervalued and underappreciated in our lives. We do it automatically, no one thinks to breathe. But breathing is a unique biological function – because it’s voluntary and involuntary – that has profound effects on our lives in virtually every regard.